Warm Sweaterday 2017

In just two days, we have a wonderful day coming up here in the Netherlands, Warme Truiendag (Warm Sweaterday). On Friday, February 10th, businesses, schools and individuals, will turn down the heating, and people will put on a warm sweater instead.
By turning down the heat by 1 degree (Celsius), you save about 6% CO2. That’s a big deal!
In the Netherlands, about 25% of all energy is used for heating buildings. Imagine the difference it would make if we all just put on warm sweaters more often, and turn down the heating.

On the Warme Truiendag Facebookpage, people are sharing their favorite sweaters and the stories behind them. Many people are making their own sweaters, or buying second hand sweaters, as a statement against fast fashion as well. There’s so much good going on for the environment here.

As for me, I think I only own one actual sweater, and it’s not THAT warm, but I prefer dressing in layers anyway. It’s going to be freezing outside this Friday, and I’ll be honest with you, I really hate being cold! We’ll be turning down the heat in our home by 3 degrees (20 to 17), so I better have my vest and poncho ready to keep warm.

Of course, the whole point of Warm Sweaterday, is to get people thinking about their energy usage. And it’s working, for me anyway. I know 20 degrees is pretty high, and of course we don’t have the thermostat on 20 degrees all day. Already, every day I challenge myself to wait until I’m actually cold, before I turn on the heat, and I’ll only turn it up by 1 degree at a time (It’s at 17 at night, but by the time I get cold during the day, the temperature in out home is usually about 18 degrees).
Unfortunately, we live in a very old home. We’ll be moving some time this year, but for now we’re dealing with draft, and uneven heating. All the more reason to dress for the weather.

I hope you feel inspired to turn down the heat in your home this Friday, or maybe even every day. And don’t forget, you can share your favorite sweater using #lievelingstrui (favorite sweater).
Hmm, maybe it’s time for me to make a GreenBlogging Twitter account… Stay tuned for that!



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