Upcycling An Old Frying Pan

upcycledlogoSo I had this frying pan, and the teflon coating was starting to flake pretty bad. We got a new frying pan so this one was ready to be disposed of. “So… I can no longer use this to cook. But what can I use it for?” I asked myself. I brainstormed for a bit, searched for ideas on the internet, brainstormed some more, made a Pinterest board, and finally decided to make it into a piece of decoration.
I considered taking of the handle and using it as a bowl, but I didn’t trust the flaky teflon, so it wouldn’t be a food bowl. Since the surfaces in our home are crowded enough as is, I decided against it. I don’t need a decorative bowl.
The walls in our home however, are pretty empty! So I decided to spice up the kitchen wall, with a new piece of artsy decoration.

Because of the renovating that’s been going on in our house, I finally have access to my craft supplies and tools again (they had been boxed up). I only used items I already had, and this is one of those few times where it actually pays to keep (seemingly) useless items around. For crafting!
I found a tiny frying pan I had used for a previous project many years ago, I had chalk in my sewing kit. I had miniature paint, black primer and a fine paintbrush left over from my miniature painting days. I had white fabric and lace. I found some white buttons in my button-jar that I never really liked but kept around because you never know when you find a garment to match it up to (Who knew I would end up matching it with a frying pan!?). And lastly, I still had some twine in our kitchen drawer, which came with the bags of flower we buy. Oh, and of course I still had some glue for my glue-gun.

20150302_153730I started by sanding off the flaky teflon parts, then I primed the large and small pan. I had picked a quote and a writing style for the large pan. I first drew it in chalk to make sure it would align nicely, and then I started painting. The small pan got a heart to brighten it up a bit.
I had to look up how to tie a proper bow, and it took me a few tries, but I finally managed to tie the strip of fabric and the lace into two nice bows around the handles. I glued the buttons in place after having moved them around a bit to find the ideal position, and I glued the twine holding up the small pan to the larger pan.
Drilled a hole in the wall, screwed in a white hook, and finally put the whole thing up in the kitchen.
Personally, I think it looks lovely!

10407131_10152595526676044_590323472724477432_nBesides the incredible thrill of being able to craft again and looking at a finished project, I’m also very happy to have repurposed the frying pan instead of tossing it. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think one of my greater skills is to see both beauty and usefulness where others see junk.
I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments or on our Facebookpage. See you next time!


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