…Two and a Half Years Later

Finally! My Time Travel Device has worked, and I am writing this exactly two and a half years in the future! The world and my personal life have drastically changed. There’s a pandemic happening, my house was sold, we moved half way across the country, there were weddings, and birthdays, I got myself an allotment, my daughter is in school now and somehow I still have way too many hobbies for one person!

Poppies on the Allotment Last Year

As much as I would like time travel to be the reason for my prolonged absence, the real reason is much more boring. I didn’t have the time, drive or inspiration to write during these past years.
I did try to re-boot my blog several times, each time deciding it wasn’t good enough, or too hard to do.

During the past few weeks I have once again been toying with the idea of blogging, and since today is Earth-day, I figured why not? Even if it’s not a great blogpost, at least it’ll get the ball rolling and I can slowly get back to a decent quality of writing.

The upside of my hiatus, is that I have a LOT to share with you. Many things have changed, some aspects of my life became greener, and some didn’t. For example, we no longer have a separate trashcan for compostables, because there’s simple not enough space for it in our apartment. However, we now have a 200 m2 allotment, where we can grow some of our own food.

Things change, sometimes faster than we realize. But some things stay the same.
I am still passionate about living a greener lifestyle, and I’m hoping to bring you along on our journey.
I will be making some adjustments to the look and feel of the blog, and hopefully start adding more and more post over the coming weeks.
I’m looking forward to sharing my next post with you.



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