Turning Pantyhose into Coral

Last weekend, I sure managed to do my 5 hours of activism. ‘Cause we spend most of our Sunday turning pantyhose into coral for the Greenpeace Craftivism project!

You can find the details on the project in this post, but basically, people from all over the Netherlands are knitting and crocheting pieces of coral to be used in a work of art, to help protect the Amazon reef.
Many people are organizing crafting meetings to work on their pieces together. Queens of the Machines, who focus on upcycling, worked together with Greenpeace to organize one of these meetings, and we decided to join in.

They managed to get their hands on a HUGE quantity of old pantyhose, and the main focus of the day was to turn these into some larger pieces for the project. We brought the kids along and they had a great time, so that was a big plus.

We ended up making some very nice pieces, so it was a great success, but there was just no way we could have used up all these pantyhose. The sad part is, most of these were actually brand new. Some even still had the price-tag on!

Somehow, it became normal in our society to throw away perfectly fine clothes. And aside from the Amzone Reef needing our attention, there’s obviously an other issue here. But that’s something for an other day.

I’ve used up all my leftover yarn, and I’ve done my part in this project. I think it’s time to start shifting my attention to something new. However, there are many great causes, so I’ll have to figure out what to do next.
Of course, I’ll keep you guys posted on what I’m doing.

I’d like to end this post on a positive note. It was great to meet up with like-minded people, working towards a common goal. The leftover pantyhose are in Greenpeace hands, so I’m sure they will find a great purpose. I really do feel like the world is waking up and realizing something has to change. I believe, together, we can and will make a difference.


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