Trading Children’s Clothing Online, It Can work!

Children grow out of their clothes so very very quickly. When you have kids you will find yourself constantly buying them new outfits. If you’re already buying clothes second hand, you’re saving a lot of money. But what if I told you, you could get your kids clothes, almost for free?
That’s right, you don’t have to keep paying for clothes over and over. Why not? Because you already have clothes for your child. They just don’t fit! You need a bigger size clothes for your child, and someone else out there needs the size you already have. What am I suggesting? Trade!

fotosKdKI’ve seen many children’s clothes-trading initiatives fail miserably. They didn’t keep into account that everybody needs a size bigger than what they have, no one is looking for a smaller size.
A few months ago I finally found an organisation that get’s it. At the Dutch website¬†you can trade the clothes (and toys!) you have, for clothes you need. How? They use credits!
They use two kind of credits, one you get when you’ve send clothes to someone else who wanted them, the other you buy from the website. The latter don’t cost much and the money is used to keep the organisation going (and part of it is donated to a good cause of your choice).

medium_IMG_0596You gather same size clothes in your house you no longer have a use for. You take pictures, write a description and post it on the website (about the volume of half a grocerybag or a medium sized box at once). When someone wants the clothes you have, they click a button, e-mail addresses get exchanged and you can ship the clothes to their address. (They pay for the shipping of course). One trading credit get’s taken out of their account and added to yours.
When you first get started you get 3 trading credits, since you might not have anything to trade yet, especially if you have a baby on the way. You can use these credits to get newborn or even maternity clothes. Then when you or your baby no longer fit the clothes you got, you can once again trade them with someone else.

I’ve already gotten a package of clothing for my stepson, and I’ve put some old clothes of his on the website. When I’m done wearing my maternity clothes, I’ll trade them and get some more baby clothes for the new baby. When she grows out of them, I’ll trade her new ones, etc, etc.

Now I realize this is a Dutch initiative (Belgians can use it as well), but I’m fairly sure many other people have worked out a similar system. When you’re in need of children’s clothing (or anything else really) try and see if there’s a trading website going on in your country. If there isn’t, well, maybe this is your chance to get one started!

medium_DSC03271 - versie 2I’m sure when everybody is helping each other out, this world could be so much more sustainable. So start trading everybody!
Do you know of a trading website (clothes or other items, local or not)? Please share the link and the country or area in the comments! It’ll help so many people.


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