The Yearn For Yarn

The Green Year’s Resolution I had set for January has certainly paid off. Ever since I started knitting I’ve been enjoying it more and more.
I don’t have a “real” blogpost for you guys today. But I did want to tell you about the progress I’ve been making.
I’ve already made some adorable baby booties, and while doing this, learning how to increase and decrease, and how to make button holes.
Since I still have a load of yarn in the same color, I wanted to make a matching dress. When I finally found a pattern I liked, I realizes you can’t just magically knit cables, haha. I searched the web for some tutorials, picked up a cable needle and thought myself how to knit cables. I’m currently working on the second strap and when that’s done I’ll start on the body. I wanted to practice the cables on a smaller piece first, so I started doing just the straps.


I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed and exited about how easy it is to learn things now a days. Before the internet, I would have to buy/borrow a book to learn knitting cables, or find someone willing to teach me, maybe even take lessons. In this day and age, it’s type, type, type, click, click, click… and voila, I’m learning how to knit cables!
Of course this goes for so many skills and since there’s no regular post today, I want to encourage, no challenge you to go and find something new to learn today! Go on, you have internet access, I know you do. A good place to start would be Instructables. They have countless tutorials on how to do pretty much anything you can think of.
Good luck learning, don’t forget to have fun!


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