The Mahogany Floor That Really Wasn’t

Ah, progress! I’ve been working on the floor in the upstairs hallway for quite some time now. Pregnancy sickness completely messed up my schedule and it’s taken way longer than it should have. However, I can finally say it’s done!
I had found a tutorial online on how to make a floor out of plywood and my mind was set on it. Using plywood would save us a ton of money and hopefully it would look just as good as laminate or even better. In the picture below you can see the room after ripping out the old floor but before I could do anything else. You can also see the subfloor I worked on. Basically I just nailed the “planks” of plywood directly to the subfloor.
Plywood nailed in place (also painted the walls and door).
20150119_144752 (1)
Last weekend my brother came over to help me put mahogany-colored lacquer on the floor. The brand I used had a green quality label called Klus Bewust, wich roughly translates to Aware DIY, in this case referring to being environmentally aware of what you use when DIY-ing. The lacquer I used was water based instead of turpentine based, which of course is better for the environment, but also doesn’t release any poisonous fumes that could harm my baby.
A couple of days later, Bas and I put on the last layer of laquer, and today I finally put on the borders to finish the job. As you can see I still need to vacuum and mop the floor, and I will, just as soon as my prego body allows me to.
I absolutely love, love, love how it turned out. Nobody would ever guess I used plywood for this. Everything added up, I didn’t even spend 200 Euros. It did take a lot of labor, of course. Things that don’t cost money, usually cost time. Which is sometimes more valuable.
For a small room I might use this method again. It’s very cheap, and in a small room it could be done within a week (including drying time). However, since my tummy is starting to get in the way of things, and my due date is slowly creeping closer, the next few rooms I’ll be working on will probably get laminate floors instead. It’s right there in the middle of the time-money scale. Not as environmentally friendly, I think, but we can’t all be perfect all the time.

Lastly I want to show you my plywood floor(left) compared to a real mahogany floor(right).








Besides the dustiness of my floor, and the shiny lacquer used on the real mahogany (I didn’t want mine to be shiny, so I went with eggshell), I think it’s pretty darn close.
Now all I need to do is clean it and I can start moving furniture back in place! Oh how I love progress.

If you have any questions about the floor (or anything else really) please leave them in the comment box below, or on our Facebookpage.


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