The Grocery Challenge; Update No. 2

So, how are we doing after 4 days without our weekly groceries? Are our fridge, freezer and pantry empty yet? Have we started eating questionable foods? Are we begging our relatives to have us over for dinner? Are there any signs of impending cannibalism? How is this couple ever going to survive an other 3 days without grocery shopping?!



Well, I’m glad to inform you we are doing excellent! (Sorry if you where hoping for cannibalism.)
Part of the reason we’re doing so well, I realized, is my weekly trip to the market being only 1 day overdue, instead of the 4 days for our trip to the supermarket. So we’ve only just run out of fresh vegetables, and we still have some fruit. Understandably, we haven’t had any trouble with dinner yet. Tonight will be the first night we’re actually having a leftover freezer meal. (Lentil soup, hmmm)
During the next few days the meals should become increasingly more creative as our choice in leftovers will diminish.
I do hope this will be the case. Since right now, I feel like we haven’t even made a dent in our freezer and pantry stock. I was really hoping for some creative cooking this week, but I’m guessing this might happen over the course of the upcoming week. We’ll go to the supermarket in only 3 days, but the market is still 6 days away, so creative cooking is bound to happen, right?

So far, of course some things have run out. We’re eating more bread then I anticipated, so yesterday I baked an other (this time larger) bread. Besides the cheese, the spreadable butter has also run out, and the jar of jam only has one or two servings left. Basically, things to put on a sandwich are first to go. Butter for cooking is slowly running out as well, but we still have some margarine and plenty of olive oil, so I’m not worried about this. What is slightly worrying, is the amount of milk left. We have about half a carton, and I’m clinging to it for life, because I realize all too well, milk might be needed for baking or creative cooking later on in the week.

Over all, we’re not having much trouble though. The fridge is slowly running empty. Which is unfortunate, since we where aiming to empty out the freezer and pantry instead. However, I’m still confident they will run empty eventually. So we’re just going to keep on doing what we’re doing, and hope for the best.
Wish us luck, and be sure to check back in for the next update!


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