The Compact; Has It Been A Year?!

Spoiler-alert: It has been a year!
Bas and I joined the Compact in February last year. As you may know, the idea of the Compact is to not buy anything new for a year. The fact I didn’t realize it’s already been a year, is really saying a lot. Buying things second hand or repairing them has become second nature to us, and is no longer a challenge, but has become a part of our lifestyle.

8435953365_f60c2ba6e1_zSo, what has the past year been like for us? We’ve had some struggles in the very beginning, which was to be expected when making a big lifestylechange. However, we really only made a few exceptions. Right now, the only new bought items that come to mind are tea-towels, underwear, and things we had a gift certificate for. Maybe I’m missing some things, but I can’t imagine it being much.¬†When I need something, I usually don’t even consider going shopping for it. I try to buy it second hand online, look for it in the thriftshop, or find out if I can make it myself. And you know what? This makes me so much happier than buying new ever could.

We’re having a baby soon, and I expected this to be difficult. But no, buying second hand for babies is even easier than buying things for myself. Babies grow up so fast, most of their stuff hardly get’s used. People find their houses overflowing with baby-items they no longer have a use for and get rid of them to make room for toddler stuff. There really is an abundance of second hand baby items, which means even when buying everything second hand, we get to be picky about what we want. Second hand stroller online, not quite the color we want? Just wait an other week and we find one that’s just perfect. No need to settle for anything, and our baby will have everything she needs.

I feel good about my choices, and it has made me more creative in finding solutions. Some people may think this lifestyle is weird, but then again, if I bought everything new like a “normal” person, they would find an other reason to think I’m weird. ‘Cause let’s face it… I’m pretty weird.
What I’m trying to say is: If there’s something you want to change about the way you live your life, go for it! You are the one living it, and you can’t let others decide for you, or you’ll be miserable. When you’re older and you look back at your life, you want to be smiling right? You don’t want any regrets, and you certainly don’t want to feel like you missed out on things out of fear for other people’s opinions. Don’t be a sheep. It’s ok to do things just the way other people are doing them, but only because it’s the way YOU want to be doing them.

Get out there, live your life, be weird, be normal, but be yourself.

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