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Wabi Sabi, Kintsugi And My Old Socks

This week I learned a thing or two about Wabi Sabi; a Japanese world view/aesthetic based on accepting and even appreciating transience and imperfection, rather than resisting and rejecting it. It seems to focus mostly on personal imperfection and the transience … Continue reading

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Kitchen Garden Update

A very short post today (but hey, at least there’s a post, right?). I wanted to give you guys a small update on how my kitchen garden is doing. I’ve already had to move several plants from the little cardboard … Continue reading

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The Yearn For Yarn

The Green Year’s Resolution I had set for January has certainly paid off. Ever since I started knitting I’ve been enjoying it more and more. I don’t have a “real” blogpost for you guys today. But I did want to … Continue reading

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