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A Minimalist’s Struggle

I consider myself to be a minimalist. I don’t shop for fun, I don’t live to buy, I have very little attachment to stuff, and I dream of one day, when the kids are all grown up, moving into a … Continue reading

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Why We Should “Kill The K-Cup”

You may have seen #KillTheKCup around the interwebs, or perhaps you’ve seen the Kill the K-Cup video, which has gone viral since January. If you haven’t, you can watch it below. This overly dramatic video along with the hashtag, started … Continue reading

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Green Year’s Resolution January; A Skill That Never Goes Out Of Style

Tomorrow, a whole new year begins, and also a whole new month to get started on one of my Green Year’s Resolutions, as I’ve decided to call them. For January, I’ve decided to pick a resolution I’ve already started working … Continue reading

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