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Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

That’s right, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Or actually, since we don’t have that much money, I’d rather put my time and effort. In my last post, I talked about dedicating 5 hours a week to activism … Continue reading

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The Yearn For Yarn

The Green Year’s Resolution I had set for January has certainly paid off. Ever since I started knitting I’ve been enjoying it more and more. I don’t have a “real” blogpost for you guys today. But I did want to … Continue reading

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Green Year’s Resolutions January; How Goes the Knitting?

It’s the end of January. All New Year’s resolutions are either being realized or have been broken by now. This year I decided to spread out my resolutions and focus on one resolution each month. Since habits are formed in … Continue reading

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