Saying Goodbye To Wednesdays

There’s something special about springtime. It’s almost as if the entire planet awakes from it’s slumber. All around us, new life blooms. Babies are born, and people are buzzing with energy. I’m no different, and seeing the bright sunny weather outside puts a smile on my face and gives me an energetic tingle. However, like the planet, I too am creating new life. I feel absolutely great, but I’m also very tired. I find myself taking naps, and going to bed before 22:00.  I take breaks after just about every household chore. And I’m completely useless by the end of the day.

I love being at home and I love taking care of my family and our house, and I love writing this blog. With all the extra rest I need, I have fewer hours left in my day, and lately I’ve been skipping some blog posts. In order to keep posting on schedule, I realize I’ll have to change the schedule. So until further notice, I’m dropping blogposts on Wednesdays. This way I’ll only have two posts to make every week, and I’ll have more time to rest and enjoy doing my housework (which I really do enjoy).

For now this will be the last Wednesday post. Hopefully they’ll be back once the baby is born.


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