Reusable… Lintroller!

Every once in a while I buy something new. This is very rare, and almost always has one of two reasons.
1. I can’t possibly find it second hand and I really need it.
2. I can’t possibly find it second hand and it replaces a disposable item in my household.
This time it was reason number two, because guys and girls, I found a reusable lintroller!

lint-roller-cover-ebay-product_1-620With six (yes, six) cats, things in my house get covered in cat hair. For the most part I can just vacuum it up or wipe it off, but clothes tend to want to hold on the the hairs. So I need a lint roller if I go somewhere I have to look half decent. I had been using the disposables, where you just peel layers of sticker from a cardboard roll, but now I have a reusable. The roll is placed at a 90 degree angle from the disposables, but that’s the only difference in how it’s used. You just roll it over your fabric and the sticky gel pics up the hairs and lint. You can then simply wash them off. I haven’t used it that much yet, but I’ll already happy to have an alternative to the disposables. In the long run it’ll save me a lot of money and I’ll be creating less garbage. So win for me and win for the environment! I’ll share more with you when I have used it more frequently. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to keep washing it, or if it’ll eventually end up like the gross fluffy slime toys I used to have as a kid.

If you have any uncommon reusables, please share them in the comments or on our Facebookpage.


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