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11235762823_3602174245_zPretty much everyone has a phone these days, and most of them are smart phones. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We live in the information era, and smartphones give us access to infinite information wherever and whenever we want.  They are an important asset to our society as a whole, and even though they use a lot of power and take materials to produce, I would never suggest getting rid of them.

There is however a problem with phones these days. They are subject to “fashion”. Just like people don’t want to be seen wearing last years outfit, people don’t want to be seen using last years phone either. I have talked about fashion before. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, or have a proper smartphone, but why does it have to be so wasteful? Last years clothes are still perfectly fine, so why buy new ones? The same goes for your phone. If it still works, and suits your needs, why do you want a new one?

A few months ago, my “old” phone stopped working. I guess I dropped it one too many times, because it just wouldn’t do anything at all anymore. Did I run to the store to get the latest model? Of course not! First of all, I’m not buying anything new for a year, so that would have been a big no-no. But I also didn’t feel the need. I was looking at second hand phones online. (At least most people who get a new phone twice a year have the common sense to sell the old one) But as it turns out my brother in law still had Bas’ old phone lying around, so I got that one instead. It works fine, I didn’t spend any money and no new phone has to be manufactured for me. I’m also saving a ton of money by having a phone subscription that doesn’t include a phone.

v4-explodedIf I ever do buy a new phone, I think I would buy something like the Fairphone. Fairphone is one of the most transparent companies I’ve ever seen. They tell you exactly where all the materials in their phones come from and they aim for a better fairer economy.
They’re also working with Phonebloks, an organisation with the purpose to reduce electronic waste, starting by creating a phone with interchangeable parts. So if your camera or any other individual part breaks you can just put in a new one instead of having to buy a whole new phone. I really like this idea, because it’ll encourage companies to make phones that last, rather than a phone that will stop working after a year or two, assuming the consumer will have bought a new one by then anyway.

For now, I’m happy with the phone I have. Are you planning to buy a new phone soon? Tell me about it in the comments or post it on our Facebookpage.


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