Nature Is Speaking

Yesterday I stumbled across a series of videoclips on nature with celebrity voice overs. The clips were made by Conservation International, and I have to say I found them very impressive. I’ve yet to look further into the organization, but from what I can tell they’re doing great things for the environment and the planet.
Every video is based on the slogan Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature. And they all show a different aspect of nature, telling you why it doesn’t need humans, but humans need it. There are 8 clips, like Julia Roberts as Mother nature, or Harrison Ford as The Ocean.
I found the video below to be most impressive, but you can find all of themĀ here.

At the moment you can support their cause, by using #NatureIsSpeaking on social media, liking, favouriting, sharing, etc. since HP has agreed to donate a dollar for every single one of those (Up to a million dollars). As I write this, the ticker is at 823819, so I’m pretty sure they’ll get to their million. Of course this is a very clever publicity move by HP, but that doesn’t make it any less of a worthy cause.

If you’re interested you can find more information about Conservation International here.
Don’t forget to like the video’s or use the hashtags if you want to help them out. I’ll make sure to have a more thorough blogpost for you guys when I’m not so darn tired anymore. As it turns out, growing a human being is hard work!


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