My New Miniature Kitchen Garden

Let me start by saying, I love gardening. I may not be very good at it (yet). Since the only produce I’ve ever actually gotten out of my previous gardens where lettuce, corn and a single pumpkin. But I do love it, and I’d like to think I’m getting better at it. Unfortunately for me, pregnant women are not allowed to garden outside, because of the risk of exposure to toxoplasmosis. So with spring making it’s way into our lives once more, I’ve been a bit of a sad panda, not being able to start my garden back up this year. Until now!

20150306_161305A Dutch supermarket chain has started one of their promotions, where they give you something for every 10 Euros you spend. This time, they’re giving out these tiny seed growing packets. Now I don’t shop at the chain myself, they’re a bit expensive for us. My mother-in-law however, does shop there, and since she’s not using the seeds, she’s bringing them for me! She even got me one of the big trays I can use to sort them, very thoughtful. So now, I can still grow some plants inside until the baby arrives. Hurray!

The packets are very easy to use (they’re obviously aiming at children, but I don’t care, I get to grow stuff!). Every packet comes with a paper cup, a compressed piece of dirt, a sheet of soluble paper embedded with the seeds, and a little tag you can stick in the dirt telling you how long it’ll take for the seeds to start sprouting and how to care for the plant. You moisten the dirt, fill the cup, add the sheet, add some more dirt, stick the tag in and you’re all set. Like I said, it’s very easy to use.

The seeds I’ve gotten so far are for celery, strawberries, eggplant (2x) and dill. I just got everything set up in the window, and if I get any more of them I’ll start using the larger tray to store them. I’m really exited to be doing some gardening, even if it’s just a kid’s version of it. By the time the baby is born, I’ll be able to take the plants outside and make a nice kitchen garden. It’ll also give me and a baby a good reason to go outside every day, so we’ll get plenty of fresh air.
Now when you look at the picture you may find it hard to imagine this turning into an actual kitchen garden, but imagine if only three seeds sprout in every cup. That’s 15 plants right there. I’m pretty sure that’ll keep me busy for quite some time.

Of course I would have no idea what to do with that much dill, or any of the other produce for that matter. So feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.
But don’t worry about the strawberries…. I will always find a use for strawberries.


Update: My brother and sister-in-law got me even more! I’m gonna be very busy this summer!

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