The LifeSaver Bottle

product-lifesaver-bottleSince I completed January’s Green Year’s Resolution, I’ve been really into knitting. It’s a great hobby, but it can get a bit tedious after a while. So I like to watch TED Talks on Netflix when I’m knitting something extremely repetitive. This is how I came across a TED Talk on The LifeSaver Bottle, and I was intrigued!

The LifeSaver Bottle is an amazing device that allows people to make pretty much any water safe to drink. It filters out all viruses and bacteria. This means, when using the LifeSaver bottle or it’s larger brother, the jerrycan, people would not have to travel anywhere to get clean drinking water. Water won’t have to be delivered to disaster areas, because people will be able to drink the water that’s already there. The filter will have to be replaced after about 4000-6000 liters of water, but the system will stop working on it’s own until the filter is replaced. This way no one can accidentally drink contaminated water from the bottle.

I’ve shared a Youtube clip of the TED Talk below, if you’re interested.

I checked the website, and you can buy one for 120 Pounds, which is about 170 Euro’s. This will filter about 400o liters of water and if you use it to to filter 3 liters of water a day, it’ll last for over 3 and a half years! It’ll still work after, but you’ll have to replace the filter. This will cost an additional 104 Pounds (145 Euro’s). It may seem like an expensive item if you have clean drinking water in your home at an incredible low cost. (I just checked and for me it’s 46 cents for 1000 liters of water), but we forget how priceless clean drinking water really is. It can save so many lives.
I believe the LifeSaver technology will indeed save many, many lives. We just need to keep promoting and supporting it. The Red Cross and Oxfam are already making use of this, and I hope they continue to do so. If you’re the kind of person that likes to be prepared for disaster, this may also be a good buy. I’m actually considering saving up for one myself. You know, just in case.

I hope you learned something new today, and like me have a bit more hope for the future of the human race.


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