Make Your Own: Reusable Facial Wipes

I don’t like disposables. Almost anything made to be thrown away is bad for our planet. So I try to replace disposables in my house by reusables, one by one. Next up: Facial wipes.
I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I still need to take it off before I go to bed. Since I only wear eye make-up, I’ve been cutting facial wipes in half, so they last longer. But it’s still a waste throwing them out every day. So, I looked into making my own reusable facial wipes, and here’s the how to.

You need:

-Fabric, I used part of an old bed-sheet
-A container that you can close off
-A small bowl of water
-Baby shampoo
-Coconut oil

First cut your fabric into proper sized wipes. I only need small ones, since I only use eye make-up. If you need bigger ones you will also need a bigger container.

Then mix a tablespoon of oil and two tablespoons of baby shampoo in the water. Mix it until it becomes a little bubbly.

Put the wipes in the container and pour the mixture on them. Make sure they are wet, but not dripping. Put the lid on the container and leave it upside down for a little while. This makes sure all the wipes are saturated.

Turn the container back over and… you’re done!
But the most important question right now… do they work?

Yes, they do!
If you like you can add some essential oils like aloe or lavender, make sure it doesn’t sting your eyes though. When you’re done, simply thrown them in with the laundry, and you can use them over and over.
You can even use this same technique to make reusable baby-wipes!

If you have any other recipes for the make-up remover solution, please post them in the comments, and I will add them to this post.
Hope you learned something today, I know I did.


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