Kitchen Garden Update

A very short post today (but hey, at least there’s a post, right?). I wanted to give you guys a small update on how my kitchen garden is doing.
I’ve already had to move several plants from the little cardboard pots to a bigger pot. Space in my window is limited, so I hope the weather will pick up soon so I’ll be able to move some plants outside.


The arugula was the first to sprout and also the first to need a bigger space. I had a long planter in the backyard that I wasn’t using for anything, so I moved it to the window and reserved about one third for the arugula. Today I also got to move the dandelion salad and the spinach to the planter. Since these are crops that keep on giving for a long time, I might not move them outside at all. It’ll be convenient having them so close to the kitchen so you can just take whatever you need at the moment.

IMG-20150327-WA0000Today I also got to move the strawberries! The pants are still tiny, and they’ll be sharing a planter. This planter had also been abandoned in the back yard after I had to quit my last kitchen garden. I went to the local DIY store and got a pretty shelf holder, which now functions as hanging planter holder! I don’t have any straw yet, but I think there’s some in the attic. They won’t need it for a while, but I like to be prepared. I’m not letting those strawberries go to waste!

Most of the seeds have sprouted except for the bell peppers and two crops I sowed later on. I’m not sure what to do with the next crops that’ll have to be potted. I just don’t know where to put them until they can go outside. I’m sure I’ll figure something out though. I’ll keep you guys posted!


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