Hoaxes And Heat

Paradigm ShiftWhen I was younger, I never would have believed my paradigms would be challenged as much as they are today. Everything I knew was fact, and anyone claiming my facts were wrong would have to be a bit stupid right? For instance, I always thought nuclear energy to be be downright evil. Just a few weeks ago, I saw a documentary about environmentalists rooting for nuclear energy. After watching it, my previous standpoint seemed pretty backward. I was far too uninformed to be making any kind of statement about the subject, but still I firmly believed nuclear energy to be wrong. At the moment, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I will have to look further into it, and do much more research before I can form an opinion about it.

An other fact I never thought would be challenged; global warming. For most of my life, I have been told global warming is real. By global warming, I mean the warming of the entire planet due to the increased amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, caused by human activity.
I was very surprised, when a few years ago, I found out a lot of people think global warming is a hoax. At first, I have to admit, I assumed these people must be uninformed hicks. But then I found roughly 30% of Americans believe global warming to be non-existent (I couldn’t find any data on the rest of the world). I was shocked! I never thought this to be a matter of faith, I had always been pure science.

4248409028_c4cbac7c20_zI looked further into it, and I have to say, I still think global warming is real. I still think we need to make some big changes in all of our lifestyles in order to reduce the amounts of greenhouse gasses we release into the atmosphere. Or there will be consequences. I’m not sure how our planet will be affected, but I do think it will be. I believe nature to be very resilient, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk. I don’t think it’s worth gambling the future of our planet. This is our only home and if we want to keep using it the way we do, well, it’s going to need some maintenance.
What I do know now, is that not everyone is as convinced as I am. And those people are not dumber or smarter than me, for believing global warming is a hoax. They just have a different paradigm, and I respect that. But based on my own believes, I either hope they change their mind, or that I’m dead wrong. Because if I’m right, we’re going to need almost everybody to support a change in this world, so we can stop global warming. And if I’m wrong, well, then I’ve just been worrying for nothing, and our planet will always be this beautiful, no matter what. And our children’s children will still have plenty of food, water and fresh air.
Wouldn’t that be nice?


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