Guest Blog: Virtual Reality, The Cheap Way

Hi, this is your friendly server admin doing a guest blog for the friendly pregnant lady, currently watching a program called Fringe with a bag of chocolate eggs. This is supposed to subdue the pregnancy cravings.

Oculus Rift Virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift are getting more and more commonly known. The next big thing in gaming and other digital media consumption seems to be relating to the more immerse experience. People like to be part of the action, instead of watching from the outside. It’s all under heavy development, and people tend to experience effects like headaches and getting nauseous. Game designers are on top of this as well, and try and implement this in their latest and greatest whenever doing so makes sense.

As I said, it’s under heavy development and there were only 2 releases of the hardware to testers yet, at least for the Oculus Rift. Also, it is a bit expensive. The second development kit can be bought for $350 dollars. The final version is to be released in 2015, and the final price seems to be unknown at this moment.

So why is Greenblogging writing about new technical advancements, way to late. Why is there an emphasis on tech news? Did Bas seduce Cyndi with a bag of earlier  mentioned chocolate and push some content of his own interest?

Nope. I wanted to try it out on the cheaps, and I found out how to do it.

14530775542_b60f7fee08_zOne of the most awesome companies in the world if you ask me, is Google. Google had an effort within it’s company that 20% of and employees time can be spend investigating projects of his or hers choosing. One of the guys over there took a box, scissors and some elastics, and build a virtual reality device out of cardboard. The power was in his phone, for which he wrote a program to achieve this.

You can build one yourself our of a pizza box, but if your lazy / not that skilled with an exacto-knife like me, you can also order one cheaply from Ebay. Fold, assemble and you are ready to go. You only need a Android powered smartphone to be able to do this.

So go out, find the instructions here and reuse some old cardboard you were going to throw out anyway.

Happy VR’ing!

– Bas

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