Grocery Challenge; Quick Update

20150114_125021It’s been two days since we where supposed to go grocery shopping. We decided to challenge ourselves and skip it this week. Here’s an update on our situation.

So far the pantry and freezer remain mostly undisturbed. The fridge however, is well on it’s way to being near empty. The cheese I usually have on my sandwiches has run out, but luckily for me we still have some grated cheese, which is also pretty good on a sandwich. Yay!
With only two slices of bread left in the freezer, today was the day to take some action. As I write this, the bread machine is making me a whole new bread and making the house smell nice as well. So there’s nothing to worry about there.
A slight panic came over me when I realized we only have two more dishwasher tabs left (I still haven’t found a decent way to make them myself), but a quick peek in the pantry told me we still have a whole new box. Pfew. Crisis averted!

My stepson has been here two extra days since the weekend and his mom is picking him up this afternoon. If this hadn’t been the case we would have run out of diapers in two days, so that would have been a problem. I’m sure foodwise we would have managed if he stayed the entire week, but I have to admit it will be a bit easier when it’s just the two of us.

As for dinner, we haven’t had any trouble yet. On the first day we had mini chocolate croissants (leftover from our freezer) and crackers (leftover from the pantry) with all sorts of toppings (brie, lettuce, jam, cucumber, goats-cheese, etc.). We usually pick up fresh buns at the store for dinner, since we tend to eat very late on grocery day and thus go for an easy quick meal. The crackers where a welcome change to the usual buns and a big success even with Bas’ three year old.
On the second day Bas had a work meeting which included dinner, so it was just me and the little one. I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I wanted a quick easy meal (again, I know, shame on me). I made some broccoli with cheese-sauce  and we shared a vegetarian schnitzel. So even though it’s no haute cuisine, it was a healthy meal and I’m glad I actually got up and cooked something, even thought I felt like never ever leaving the comfort of my couch and blanket again.

20150114_125049We still have an other broccoli in the fridge and some leftover lasagna. When those are gone we can really start emptying out the freezer and pantry. I’m actually looking forward to it and I’m not expecting any real problems. Of course we’ll have to take my pregnancy cravings into account, but I guess I’ll just have to go though the trouble of actually making something when I crave it. So, there might be a lot of baking coming up this week, or maybe none at all. That’s the fun thing about pregnancy, you never know what’s coming… well… except for the baby of course. The baby is definitely coming. But other than that, you never know!!

I’ll keep you guys posted during this week. I hope you enjoy reading the updates. Please share your own experiences if you’re doing a similar challenge. You can use the commentbox below or post on our Facebookpage.


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