Grocery Challenge; Conclusion

20150122_152449The challenge is over! I finally got to visit the market again after skipping it for a week. Today I got to go and buy fresh vegetables and fruit again. Just a few years ago, I never would have thougth the sight and smell of fresh fruit would make me so incredibly happy, but I realize now, my eating habbits have changed so much! I have changed so much!
I remember, day after day of having chocolaty cereal for breakfast, about 5 cans of energydrink and a pack of cigarettes to get the through the workday. Then heating up a jar of veggies, baking some potatoes and calling it dinner.
Today, I love fresh veggies and fruits and I couldn’t do without them. I haven’t smoked in a year and a half and I haven’t had an energydrink in almost a year. My life is so different from anything past-me could have possible imagined, and I’m loving it! Anyways, back on topic.

What I’ve learned from doing the Grocery Challenge:
-Having access to all sorts of groceries every day of the week truly is a blessing. However, we are right to buy food in moderation and take a good look at the things we already have before buying new items.
-Creative cooking is easier than I thought. Especially when we have access to websites like, where you can enter ingredients you have in your home and it’ll show you recipes you can make
-Freezing leftovers is a good habit, but only if you plan to actually ever eat these leftovers! Just letting them pile up in the freezer really isn’t doing anybody any good.
-I really, really love fruit!

Where to go from here:
-When making a grocery list, first check if there are any items you can substitute with things you already have. Like not buying spaghetti, when you already have three different kinds of other pasta in our pantry.
-When making that same list and deciding what to eat during the upcoming week, try not the plan something for every day. If you plan for every day you’ll never use up the more uncommon items in your pantry. Try some creative cooking for a day instead.
-If you’re going to keep freezing leftovers, make sure you’ll actually eat them at some point. When planning your weekly meals, plan a leftover day to empty out that freezer.
-Try not to have leftovers at all. By paying more attention to the amount of dinner you’re cooking, you can use less of your ingredients (which you can then use for other recipes) and you won’t have to eat any leftovers at all.

This past week (and a half) have been great fun for me. I really enjoyed challenging myself, because it helps me gain perspective and often even change my views. I also want to thank you guys for following me this week and hopefully, I was able to inspire, entertain and surprise you. Enjoy your weekend and be sure to leave any comments below or on our Facebookpage.


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