Green Year’s Resolutions March; Update

4415583424_99176c769b_zToday I’ve got a quick update on March’ Green Years Resolutions for you. I finally installed the smart wallplug, so I should have some data on my appliances soon.
The first (and so far only) appliance I checked was the coffee maker. I only kept track of if for a few minutes, so I don’t know how accurate my findings are, but they are interesting nonetheless. I’d been wondering if it would use more energy when I make coffee in two separate batches, or when I make one larger batch and leave the machine on to keep the coffee warm. I drink two cups of cappuccino a day, and Bas has a cup of coffee in the morning, so usually I make enough coffee for all these in the morning and leave the coffee maker on until I have my second cup of cappuccino. I have been worrying about wasting too much energy this way, and using the plug, I could find out for sure.
As was to be expected, the machine uses quite a bit of power when starting up (Over 800 watts) however, once it’s warm, according to the plug readings, is uses nothing! Like I said, I only checked the readings for a few minutes, so I’ll have to check again tomorrow when I’m actually using the coffee maker, but if the readings are right, this would mean leaving it on (even if it reheats shortly every once in a while) might in fact save more power than making a new batch when you need it. I’ll get back to you on this when I have more certainty of course.

Now for our power use, for the past two weeks we used 63 and 62.7 Kwh a week. I half expected this, since I started using my sewing machine again. (If you’re wondering what I’m making, just be patient, because I have a tutorial coming up!) The weather has been great though, so I hoped the energy saved by not turning on the heat would cancel out the energy used by the sewing machine. Unfortunately, I was wrong.
I still have a few weeks to figure it all out though,  so wish me luck!


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