Green New Year’s Resolutions

Perhaps people have already been asking you, “What will your New year’s resolutions be?”. Last year I decided to join the compact (starting February), but this year I was having more trouble thinking up my new goals There are many things I would like to change in our lives, especially with a baby on the way. Some will be easy, some will be hard or require some preparation and research before I can get started, and some will require some money to get started. Since we don’t have an extra budget right now, the latter will have to wait, but eventually I really want to make all those changes.

11695066003_345f318181_zSo many ideas have been going though my mind, it’s hard to keep track. There are many skills I would like to master. I would like to perfect my sewing and gardening, both are on hold at the moment, so I want to work on that.
I also want to learn how to knit properly, which is a skill I already started on. I’m currently knitting a baby blanket, but I want to start doing more difficult projects when I’ve finished. Of course I want to do more baking and cooking, but I would also love to start keeping chickens.
Then there’s new habits to learn, such as recycling more, reducing our overall waste, using less power, gas and water. I want to research more and invest in solar panels, better insulation and maybe even a green roof. I want to eat more organic food, eat healthier in general, maybe even cut out sugar, and of course stay fit during and after my pregnancy.

15986637046_fc0d3f26c7_zSo what do I do? Do I pick some easy ones, so I know I’ll be able to stick to it? Do I pick a hard one so I’ll get more satisfaction out of it when I’ve succeeded? You know what? No.
I’ve decided to pursue all of them. If you want to make changes in your life, I say go for it! I’m not going to pick one or two things to focus on “for the year”, just to lose that focus in a few months and then do nothing for the rest of the year. I am going to keep pursuing my goals, all year round.
Now of course I’m not going to get started on everything at once. Then I would just be setting myself up for failure. Learning new skills and changing your habits is hard work, and you simply can’t focus on that many thing. I decided to do the following: Every month, I’ll pick a new resolution to work on. This way I can slowly make changes to my life, take the time to focus on a certain part of it, but continue to work on other areas of my life as well.

Of course I will keep you posted on any green resolutions I’m working on, and if you keep following this blog, next post I’ll tell you all about my resolution for January. (I’ve yet to pick one, so I really can’t tell you right now.)
You can share your own green resolutions in the comments or on our Facebookpage. Seriously, go for it, we could use some more interaction in the comment section.


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