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When you have kids they will automatically, pick up some of your habits. When you ┬álive a green lifestyle, your kids will inevitably pick up on it, so that’s great! But you will still need to make a lot of choices for your child. You will have to determine how far you want to take the green lifestyle for your kids. For me it’s slightly different, since I didn’t get to make the decisions for my stepson when he was just a baby, and he doesn’t live with us all the time. But let me tell you my choices nonetheless.

4138422547_9a5138537e_zFood is a no-brainer. ┬áHe mostly eats what we eat. I bake the bread he eats myself, so I know there’s no junk in it. He eats mostly fruit for snacks, just like I (try to) do. I realize eating healthy is still easy for him, since he hasn’t formed any junkfood habits yet, so I try to keep it that way. He drinks water, milk and the iced tea I make every day.
He does use regular diapers (Only at night, he’s 3 years old), but like I said, I wasn’t there to make these decisions in the beginning. I don’t think it’s wise to keep switching him between cloth diapers at our house and regular ones at his moms, so the regular ones will stay. When I have other children, they will most like use cloth diapers, but I’ll write more about that, and look further into it when that day comes.

When it comes to garbage, he is starting to realize how the recycling-thing works. He doesn’t understand what happens to the trash yet, but he knows paper, plastic and compostable items each go in a different bin. When something is broken, he knows we’re going to fix it, instead of throwing it out. So that’s an other green win.

We buy all his clothes second hand, except for socks and underwear. He actually likes going to the thriftshop with me and finding new clothes. We don’t buy him toys very often, since everybody else is constantly buying him things. We did buy him a bike a few months ago, second hand, of course, and he loves it!

10337568713_d92e3c3db5_zLast week, when we were on vacation, we visited a cheesefarm. We got to see how the cheese was made and where the milk comes from. I think it’s important to educate him on where his food comes from. He didn’t understand much about the cheese, but he now knows milk comes from cows, not stores. We got to feed acorns to the goats and overall we had a great time. We went to the farm because it was fun, and we ended up learning! Every parent’s dream!

I’m sure there are many more choices we made without even thinking about it. When you have a certain lifestyle, some things are just obvious. For the most part, if you want your child to adopt a green lifestyle when they grow up, just remember; A child doesn’t do what you say, it does what you do.



Do you have children? What choices did you make? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebookpage.

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