Green Is The New Black

3985418861_3644f0b21c_zNothing is more diverse than people. And we express out diversity through our clothing. We all have our very own look, and so it’ll come as no surprise to you, the fashion industry is doing well. But is the fashion industry doing good to the planet?
The answer is simply no. The fashion industry uses way too much water, and way too many toxins. Not to mention the way fabrics are produced. But what can we do?

Well first of all, you can research a brand before you buy their products. Many brands are trying to change the industry (Some, like Zara, had a little push from Greenpeace). An other good option is to buy clothing made from fairtrade, organic cotton. This can get a little expensive though, and your options would be limited.

My personal solution? Don’t buy any new clothes at all. That’s right! I said it! You don’t need to follow the latest fashion. You don’t need to buy that designer top. And unless you’re a 13 year old girl (in which case you have other options, which I will get to) no one will criticize you for wearing “last year’s” outfit. Use the clothes you have. They are perfectly fine. You will eventually wear them out, but there’s a lot of patching up you can do in the mean time. You can make your clothes last for many, many years and it’ll save you a lot of money as well. Once a piece of clothing is really worn out, you can salvage any zippers or buttons, and use the rest of the fabric to make dishcloths or other cloth items.

If you really need something “new”, then you can buy things second hand. You can find truly unique items at thrift-shops or garage sales, you just have to keep your eyes open. Remember to shop ahead. Winter will come eventually, as will summer. If you find an item that’s out of season but fit’s your taste, and you know you will need it eventually, then buy it! Because when the appropriate season comes along, it won’t be there anymore. Do you see something that would look great on your kid, but it’s too big? Buy it! Your kid is going to grow and when they do you don’t want to be stuck buying them worn or ugly clothes, just because they need them and the thrift-shop didn’t have anything else at the moment. Keep thinking ahead is what I’m saying.

4314475543_73f40db0cc_zNow if you really want your clothes to match the latest fashion (that’s you as well, 13-year-olds) make them yourself. Learn to sew, find patterns, learn to make your own patters, take some time to get the hang of it. When you know how to sew you can make anything you can imagine, which means you can make anything the fashion designers imagine as well. Now fabrics don’t always come cheap, and many toxins are used to create and dye them, so pick them carefully. You can use parts from your old clothes, or sell them to pay for the materials you need. Be creative, and your friends will start to line up for you to make them clothes!

I’m a big fashion fan (I actually had a fashion blog a long time ago). So I get wanting to dress nice, but when you think outside the box, your outfits will become much more interesting, trust me. You can really create your own look, by not using any items that are being sold in store right now. Don’t be afraid to be who you want to be.



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