Gardening Stories; Out In The Wild

Yesterday, I threw caution to the wind and embarked on a perilous mission in the wilderness that is our back yard. My goal: Planting out some of the sprouts from my window. The dangers: Back ache, parasites and the enormous spiders that lurk in our shed.

My partner in crime, Bas, had given me a great headstart. Together, we faced the terrors of visiting a garden center on Easter Monday. My hero personally hauled 240 liters of soil into the car, and then into our back yard. With great team effort, we put together the raised garden bed we had stored the year before. An other challenge came on our path, when we realized we didn’t have a root cloth for the bottom. All seemed lost…

20150407_103328During a daunting expedition through the spider infested shed, we came across a bike cover that had been used for Bas’ old bike. Our survival skills took over as we manufactured a root cloth from the bike cover, using only what was at hand. (The mere contents of our house… namely scissors)
Backbreaking labor was next, as we filled up the garden bed with fresh, organic soil. It was almost time to set up camp, so we had to take measures to protect the bed from the fearless predators that roam the area. The local beasts although cute at first glace, are not to be underestimated. They’ll gladly tear your garden apart and defecate in it for good measure, hoping to spread disease. The feline monsters are clever and will strike when you least expect it. We had to be extra careful.
A net was set up over our garden bed, and after checking it thoroughly, it was time for us to rest.

The next day seemed treacherously calm and pleasant, but I knew my partner would have to leave me soon. As he had a mission of his own; Bringing home the (vegetarian) bacon. As we kissed goodbye, I couldn’t help but feel lost. How was I supposed to complete this mission alone, my love far away from me.

Driven by a passion for gardening and a strong urge not to let my baby plants wither in their small containers, I stepped out into the wilderness. Armed with a shovel and protected only by gardening gloves, I began my dangerous task. I started by planting out my baby celery plants. I had reserved four squares for them in the upper right corner of our garden bed. They were scared, of course, but they handled themselves like champions, as one by one, they moved to their new home. Equally brave were the spring onions. They didn’t even make a sound as they were suddenly taken from the only soil they’d ever known and placed into a completely new territory. The first part of my mission was completed.

20150407_114919The second part, no less daunting than the first, encompassed putting up a hanging garden sheet, and moving the spinach out from the window. It’s a good thing I had nails and a hammer at hand, or my mission would have failed right then and there. After hammering in a grand total of five nails, the sheet was up against the fence and it was time to start filling it up. This is where my nemesis, Back Ache, showed up. But I was determined not to let him win this round.  I struggled with Back Ache, while still trying to complete my mission. As I finished filling up the pockets with soil and the large planter as well, I knew I had beat him. Back Ache never stood a chance against my willpower. A few moves and stretches and he was a good as gone.

20150407_114923Finally, I could move the last of my baby plants to their new home. No less than six tiny spinach plants were safely relocated to the hanging garden. Lastly, the not so tiny sunflower was nested in his new planter. All plants were watered and left to get accommodated. I took some pictures, so I could document this adventure for you, my trusty readers, and had some well deserved rest.









Mission Completed!


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