Decluttering Challenge

Do you get tired of the never ending mess in your house? Do you sometimes feel like your livingroom will be cluttered forever? Do you find yourself creating more and more storage-space for your stuff? Yeah, me too. There’s a very simple reason for all this. I have too much stuff.
Over the years, a mindboggling amount of stuff has accumulated in my home. If you add to this, the fact that our house is still being renovated, and we don’t have many closets at the moment, you may be able to imagine the mess we live in.

Somehow, extra stuff just keeps finding it’s way into our home. We buy little things, clothes, brick-a-bracks, etc. Yet when “new” stuff comes in the house, nothing leaves. When you take a good critical look at the items in your house, you will probably come to realize you don’t actually need a lot of your things. They are absolutely useless, and serve you in no way. You don’t use them, you don’t think they’re beautiful, and they cost you time, space and effort to clean, organize and store.
It is time to get rid of them!

For the next 30 days, I will find 1 item in my house every day, that I can do without. One item that clutters my house and gives me no joy in any way. I’ll probably try to pick something from a different room every day, so the entire house will get decluttered instead of just one room. The item can be sold, given away, donated or if it’s completely useless to everyone, tossed or recycled.
By doing this one item a day, a big task is made easy. Surely you can find one item to get rid of in your house right now. And you can do the same tomorrow and the day after. When the month has passed however, you will have gotten rid of 30 items! Imagine the impact this will make on your household. You’ll have so much less junk!

Now remember, this challenge is in no way about deprivation. Do not get rid of anything you don’t want to do without. Don’t get rid of thing that make your life easier, prettier, or more fun. This challenge is about getting rid of all the stuff that’s weighing you down.

aX-Ymz9MvvEGYD1SSN7Rh3hjzrM6CZAVH5pHAlffFjA=w1153-h865-noI already found my first item. The shoes in the picture I’ve probably had for at least 8 years. In those years, I think I haven’t worn them more than 10 times. The last time I did actually wear them, must have been over 3 years ago. Why are they still in my house? Because they’re pretty? Well, that’s no use to me when they’re just laying there, gathering dust next to the couch (It’s where I keep my shoes). They used to make my life better. I loved wearing them to parties and they made me feel good about myself and my style. I am no longer that person however, and right now, they do nothing for me. They’re perfectly fine, so I’m selling them online. I won’t make much money from it, but it’s nice to earn an extra buck. It’s time for them to make someone else happy, and it’s one less pair of shoes to try and nudge out of the way with the vacuum-cleaner(I can be lazy). Win-win!


-Is it time for you to declutter your house? What would be the first thing you got rid of and why? Also, what’s stopping you? Join the challenge!

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