Challenge: One week Without Grocery Shopping

Whether you like it or not, some things just have to be done. Be it daily weekly or monthly tasks, some things are unavoidable. One of those things is grocery shopping. Some people do it weekly, others do it whenever they need something and some have a different schedule, but nevertheless, groceries need to be bought.
Monday’s is the day for us to visit the supermarket and on Thursday’s I go the the market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. But not this week. This week, we’ve decided to challenge ourselves and not go grocery shopping.

3368520145_45bd21b4b4_zWhy? Well first of all, it’ll help us empty out the freezer and pantry. Especially the freezer had been filling up since the last time we cleaned it, and even though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, we will eventually have to empty it out. So why not now? Also, cleaning the freezer regularly makes it work more efficiently and saves energy!
An other good reason; Not going grocery shopping will save us a lot of money. Of course everybody has a different budget, but we usually spend about 50 Euros on groceries every week (which I think is actually pretty good). So imagine if we where to skip grocery shopping twice a year, we’d save a 100 Euros! Plus of course the money saved on energy from the well maintained freezer.
Lastly, probably the most fun reason to skip grocery shopping for a week; it’s a great way to train your resourcefulness. We are not going to starve ourselves for a week (hello, pregnant woman over here), we have plenty of food in our house. However, these are not all the easy foods we usually go for. We’ll be forced to think outside the box and find replacements for the foods that run out. I already found a great website that helps you cook with random leftover ingredients. It’s called, and it let’s you pick the ingredients you already have and suggests dishes and recipes you can make with those. You’ll be amazed at all the things you can make!

6127519821_f7b9f80841_zNow we’ve already foreseen some issues and quickly realized we will have to make one exception: the catfood. We can’t include our poor cats in our challenge, and so we will go out for catfood today, because Hey, let’s be reasonable.
Some things that are part of our daily diet will run out during the week. For example, I will have to find something else to put on my sandwich instead of sliced cheese, and the margarine may or may not run out as well.
The bread will run out, but this is no problem at all, since I own a breadbaking machine and I have all the ingredients needed to make my own bread. I actually used to make my own bread all the time, but I stopped when the pregnancy sickness took over, so now would be a great time to start again!
Fruit might be a problem, I’m not sure. I do think it’s very important to eat fruit every day, but I happen to know there’s a full bag of frozen fruit hidden somewhere in that freezer, so that could be a solution. We’ll have to see.
We also have plenty of leftover in the freezer. We might have to make some unusual combinations of dishes to create a full meal, but that’s just an other part of the challenge.

I’ll be posting updates on our situation during the week. I’ll tell you all about the challenges we encounter and how we handle them, and I’ll keep you all up to date on the (perhaps not so) dire state of our fridge, freezer and pantry. You are welcome to join this challenge and share your own experience in the comments or on our Facebookpage.
Wish us luck!



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