Broccoli Stem Soup Recipe; Saving Your Veggies From The Compostbin

The other day, we had broccoli for dinner. We’re all big broccoli fans, so we eat it very often. When I was cutting the broccoli, I noticed over two thirds of it was stem. I usually just toss it, but suddenly it occurred to me that this part is probably perfectly edible! I put the stem back in the fridge and a quick google search confirmed my suspicions. Now I can’t believe I’ve been throwing it out all this time!
Since there’s no reason to dwell on the past, so I’ll share a quick and easy recipe for broccoli stem soup at the bottom of this post. And I’ll certainly be saving them from now on!

20150126_144223An other tip I would like to share with you (since today seems to be random post day) is on spring onions! If you use spring onion at all, this might save you a lot of money. Next time you have some spring onions, use only the green part. Then plant the remaining white part. The green will regrow, again and again and again. Using this method, buying spring onions only once is enough to harvest them nearly infinitely. You can place them in a glass of water at first if you don’t have time to plant them right away, but just water won’t sustain them forever.

A final “hack” I would like to share with you. Next time you have small bits of vegetables leftover. Don’t toss them! Freeze them in a freezerbag and keep adding leftover veggie bits until you’ve gathered a reasonable amount. Then… vegetable-soup! If you’re impatient and it’s not filling up quick enough to your liking you can always add frozen peas or a carrot to fill it up.

Lastly the promised recipe:

20150126_144103Broccoli stem soup
-Broccoli stem
-Bouillon cube
-Salt and Pepper to taste


-Use a peeler to remove the skin from the stem and cut of the bottom. Then dice it.
-Boil the dices with the bouillon cube and some salt and pepper.
-When the cubes are nice and soft, mash them or put the whole thing in the blender.
-Lastly add some cream to taste.




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