Are You Bored? You Won’t Be, When You Discover Geocaching!

About two weeks ago, Bas send me an e-mail from work. It contained a link and one sentence, saying this might be something for us. I was very curious, but all too aware of what had happened with previous “perhaps something for us” activities and ideas. In the past, when a concept or idea came up that we decided might be something to look into, we would usually be pretty exited upon reading about it, and then forget about it before you can say Raxacoricofallapatorius. This could have very well been the case once more, as I opened the link to this website. The front page said “Geochaching” and a link to a video asking “What is geochaching? (75 seconds)”. Well, everyone can spare 75 second right?
Go ahead, watch the video on the website or down below, I’ll wait…

… Pretty awesome huh? That’s what I thought. “Gee, I bet you can have lots of fun doing this, you know, if you live in America, where there are probably many of these Geocaches being hidden” I thought, as I scrolled down the page. But then my jaw dropped.

There are 285 Geocaches near *Bas&Cyndi’s Hometown*

That’s what the big bold letters told me. “No way!” I clicked on the map, and it showed me just how many of these geocaches are hidden in my own neighborhood. There were some just around the corner! I tried to calm myself, realizing I had no idea how much something like this was going to cost us. Now is not the time to start a new expensive hobby. Ok, a premium account costs 9,99 Euros for 3 months or 29,99 Euros for a year. But you can create a free account as well. The full App costs an additional 9,99 Euros, but there’s an intro App for free. So basically…. we could get started for free!

The more I read, the more exited I got. Doing this would get us outside, we’d find new places, we’d be getting more fresh air and more exercise, we’d find these secret hidden boxes, maybe even trade some stuff we were going to get rid of anyway. Oh my, there were even events called CITO (Cache In Trash Out), where geocachers come together and help preserve or improve the geocaching locations, like rebuilding a trail, or cleaning up trash. This really couldn’t be better! I added a short clip on CITO below, so you can catch the whole vibe of it.

By now, my mind was racing. Bas and I could keep a logbook of our own, keeping track of all the caches we find. We should bring some extra paper, in case a geocaching logbook was full. We should always bring two pens, maybe my mini-screwdriver-set, ’cause we might need it. We should also have some stuff to trade. Oh and a flashlight too! I went around the house packing stuff I thought we should bring and the very next weekend we started hunting for Geocaches.

The first cache we found had some trackables. These are items engraved with a code which you can enter on the website. Each item has a goal, like seeing the world, or traveling to a specific place. When a geocacher picks up a trackable, they look it up on the website and let everyone know they have it. Then, when the geocachers find a cache in a different location, taking the trackable closer to it’s goal, they can leave it at the new cache. They enter the new location of the trackable on the website, and someone else can go find it and take it further on it’s way.
We picked one trackable called a Travelbug, this one turned out to have traveling around the world as it’s goal. In a few weeks we’ll be driving north for a couple of hours to pick up the birthing-pool we’ll be renting. When we get there, we’re planning to find the nearest geocache large enough to leave a trackable, and leave our beloved Travelbug behind. It started it’s journey quite a bit to the south, so further north seems like the right direction to be taking it.



So far, we’ve found 6 caches and taken 1 trackable. You can find our profile here. We’re keeping track of our finds in a small logbook, and taking pictures of every cache, just because it’s fun. We figured Geocaching will take us lot’s of beautiful places, so this is a great opportunity for Bas to pick photography back up. We probably will end up paying for the full App, and let’s be honest, the pro membership as well. But we’re going to wait until the baby is born, so we can see if we’ll actually be able to keep up this hobby. If we are, I think it’s definitely worth it.

If you’ve become interrested in Geocaching, you can go ahead, make a free account and see if there are any hidden caches near you. Trying won’t cost you a thing, and at the very least it’ll get you out of the house. If you do pick up the hobby, please, share your stories with us in the comments below or on our Facebookpage. Hope you learned something new today!


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