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Have you ever felt like there’s more you should be doing for the environment? Do you want to eat more healthy food? Do you wish you could get yourself to adjust to a greener lifestyle? Do you want to save money and save the world at the same time? Or do you like reading about all those “silly hippie things” people do to try and save the planet? Then this is a blog you should be following.
Hi, my name is Cyndi , I’m 31 years old, married and the proud stepmother of a 8 year old boy (Sébe) and the mother of a 4 year old girl (Tesla). I’m a vegetarian, was a member of the compact (a movement where you challenge yourself to buy nothing new for a year) and am the writer of this blog. I’m passionate about creating a better tomorrow. I’m a dreamer, a hippie, a nerd, a mom and a gardener. I guess I’m a little bit of everything. I’m writing this blog because first of all, I just love to write. Writing let’s me organize my thoughts and more often than not, my thoughts seem to revolve around green things. I wonder how I can eat healthier, shop greener, save energy, get solar-panels. I want to know what I can do, so that when I leave this planet, it’s better than when I got here. In this blog I’m sharing with you, my experiences, thoughts, tips, challenges and news, about all things “green”. I hope it moves you and inspires you, but most of all, I just hope you enjoy reading it. If you have any questions or comments, you can post comments underneath each individual blog, or send us a message in the contact form.



Guest bloggers


Hi! My name is Bas. I’m the Cyndi’s husband and I make sure that this website stays reasonably available and up to date. I’m from 1988, proud father of Sébe (2011) and Tesla (2015). I work in IT as a Oracle Fusion Middleware / WebLogic / Automation / Infrastructure consultant. You may forget about that now. My hobbies are programming, cooking and I am tinkering with electronics every now and thenI’m influenced by my “hippie” wife. For example, she makes me recycle my garbage and I recently became a vegetarian. Generally, she makes me more aware of making sure we leave the world better to our children, than our parents left it to us.

I’ll mostly be making sure that the website keeps working for Cyndi, and sort out the functionality problems and challenges the website has for her. When I am not busy working a demanding job, I also do an occasional guest blog. These tend to be on the more ‘manly’ topics, like the shaving article I did. I’ll also be writing about more technology-wise greenthinkings, as these have my interest, due to me being a geek.

If you find some strange things on the website, want to write me about the blogs I write, or just need someone to talk to in general, you can reach me on my e-mail address, which is bas@greenblogging.com

I host a more technology oriented blog here. It’s less frequent than Greenblogging, but I like to mention it anyway.

Stay green!