A Clothing Library!

Yeah, you read that right. I just found out about a clothing library in The Netherlands! Unfortunately it’s not anywhere near where I live, but I’m still really exited! I love finding out about concepts like these and I’m doing my part by spreading the word. I’ve already encountered many types of toy libraries, but never one for clothes. So let’s take a look at how this works.


De Kledingbibliotheek, as it’s called (literally The Clotheslibrary) it located in Utrecht and you can find their webpage here. It works a lot like a normal library, where you pay a monthly fee and can then check out a certain number of items, keep them for a couple of weeks, then return them. The library launders every item that’s returned, so everything is always clean to check out and you don’t have to wash it yourself before returning.

The clothes come from three different sources. First of all, they get clothes donated, much like most thriftshops. Second, they have a team of designers who basically upcycle any donated clothes that are undesirable for whatever reason. Thirdly, they work with a number of sustainable or fairtrade brands, such as a company called Culture Fabric, which buys used sari’s from women in India, then uses the fabric for dresses in The Netherlands.

Perhaps it’s just pregnancy hormones, but this whole concept makes my heart swell. It’s initiatives like these that make a difference in the world, and give me so much hope for our future. I realize this is very local. However, now that the idea is our there, others can start up similar projects, all around the world. Borrowing clothes is just so much better than constantly buying new items.

I hope you feel as inspired as I do. Spread the word!

*Note: The website Krijgdekleertjes which I wrote about in a previous blog, now let’s you trade grown up clothes in addition to the children’s clothes and toys. So if you don’t feel like borrowing clothes, maybe you can trade them!

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