25 Tips To Save You Money

4778642362_cf0801ff0a_zEven when you have all the money in the world, that doesn’t mean you should waste it. When you have very little money saving it becomes even more important. Luckily for me, being frugal and living green go hand in hand most of the time, and I’ve picked up quite a few tricks that save me loads of money. Keeping this to myself serves absolutely no one, and so I’m here to share! With no further ado, here are my 25 tips to save you money.

1] Obviously, making a list of things you need and sticking to it when grocery shopping will prevent you from doing any impulsive purchases.
2] If you like buying things on sale, check the sales before you leave the house so you can decide what to get. Most supermarkets tell you about their sales on their website.
3] Buy less processed foods and do more processing yourself.  Buying something pre-cut and bagged is way more expensive than buying fresh and cutting it yourself
4] Always check your receipt before you leave the store. Everybody makes mistakes, even cashiers. Spotting these mistakes can save you from unnecessary over paying.

Energy, Gas and Water
5] Use powerstrips you can switch off completely. This way, appliances can’t leech any power when you think they are turned off.
6] Try not to use the standby mode on anything. I know it takes things a minutes to start back up, but think of all the minutes it could have been going without power if you had just turned it off instead of putting it in sleepmode.
7] When cooking, put the lid on the pots and pans. This will keep more heat inside them and let’s you turn down the fire.
8] When hard boiling an egg, boil it for just 1 minute. Then put the lid on and leave the egg in the hot water for an other 10 minutes. It’ll be hard boiled using the heat already in the water, and you won’t have to keep the stove on for as long as usual.
9] When taking a shower, set a timer or put up a shower clock. This way you won’t lose track of time so easily and automatically take shorter showers
10] Dress for the weather. Sure your sundress looks amazing, but when it’s cold outside it’s going to be colder inside as well. Avoid turning up the heat by wearing clothes that’ll keep you warm. Of course, this goes the other way round as well. When it’s hot and you’re thinking about turning on a fan or AC, try putting on some lighter clothing first,

11] Instead of buying food pre-made, make it yourself. Baking your own bread and cookies and save you a lot of money. So will making lasagna from scratch instead of buying it microwave ready. (It’ll also be much more healthy)
12] The same goes for other stuff. Making your own clothes, furniture, decorations, and other things will save you a ton of money. These days you can find how-to’s on almost anything online, so give it a try sometime.
13] Grow your own food. Maybe start out growing fresh herbs in the window and gradually move to more difficult plants to tend to.
14] Keep chickens. We are definitely planning on doing this as soon as we’ve made some arrangements for them. If you do your homework and get the right breed and tend to them well, you’ll have more fresh eggs than you know what to do with. You might even be able to sell the excess to people you know and make money instead of just saving it. Double win!
15] Mend things instead of buying new ones. This goes for anything from darning a sock to repainting the table or repairing the washing machine. Again, the internet is your friend in this and you can find many instructions on how to fix things online.

16] Clean out your house regularly. If you come across things you don’t need or want anymore, try selling them. You can make an extra buck and your house will look tidier.
17] Of course once your house is tidy, you don’t want to fill it back up with junk. Before you buy anything, ask yourself if you really need/want it. Will it bring joy to your life or will it gather dust and make a mess of your house
18] When you do need something, try buying it second hand first. You’ll pay so much less and a lot of second hand items are in perfect condition. Maybe even join The Compact.
19] When giving gifts try re-gifting, second hand gifting or making something yourself. Gifts even tend to be more meaningful this way.
20] Walk or cycle rather than driving places. Besides the gas used in a car, it also costs you a lot of maintenance, so if you can go completely without it, this would make a world of difference.

Investing (When You Have Some Money To Spare)
21] When you have some money saved up, solar panels are always a good investment. Most solar panels today will have earned their investment back in about 5 years after that they will save you loads of money.
22] Replacing old light bulbs with led light will save a lot of energy and so money.
23] When you have some older appliances running, maybe it’s time to replace them with more energy efficient ones. You can sell the old appliances and earn a part of your investment back right away.
24] Properly insulating your house can make a huge difference in the amount of heating or cooling you use. Your house will keep warmer when it’s cold and colder when it’s warm.

4915523791_aabc1ca8a5_z25] Take good care of yourself. Habits like smoking, drinking and eating junk food do not only cost you a lot of money now. They are guaranteed to get you a lot of healthcare bills later on in life. Taking good care of your teeth will save you dental costs, and eating healthy is usually cheaper than eating junkfood anyway.
When you’re happy you’re also less likely to try and fill any void with smoking, drinking, eating, or shopping. You’ll be more satisfied with your life and won’t feel the urge to spend so much in the first place.

I hope you found something helpful here. I’m sure there are many more saving tips I know that I couldn’t think of right now, so maybe I’ll be posting more later. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below or on our Facebookpage.


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