The Power to Learn

Hi there! I see you happen to have internet access.
Do you realise, access to the internet comes with an amazing power? That’s right. You have a superpower at the tip of your fingers. Because you have to power to learn.
No seriously! Do you understand, that you can learn just about anything, using the internet?

For myself, I have learned to sew and draw patterns, doing a partly online course. But I’ve learned to knit and crochet completely from online tutorials and youtube videos. I also get my knitting and crochet patterns online, on Ravelry, mostly for free.
I’m learning French with Duolingo (also free), and since the new StarTrek series have rekindled my love for outer space, I’ve started following astronomy lessons on KhanAcademy this week (Really, check it out, they have many more subjects, all for free!).

Now, you might feel learning is pointless if you don’t get a diploma out of it. But this kind of thinking will severely limit you, in many ways.
First off all, a diploma is nothing more then a certificate stating you knew the required information for that particular diploma at some point in time. Don’t get me wrong, a diploma is a very useful way to prove your capabilities to a prospective employer. But you do not live to work, and knowledge unrelated to your job is still valuable.
Learning a new language for example, let’s you connect to people you otherwise couldn’t have. It gives you access to a vast new selection of books and movies. And even though these could be translated for you, you will soon find the meaning of the phrase “lost in translation”. Learning a new language makes your world a little bit bigger.
But then there are also countless of crafts, skills and soft skills you could work on. You can learn to make things, program or work on your social skills. Things that will bring you joy instead of monetary gain. Things that can help you grow as a person.

Secondly, if your job really is most important to you, often learning new things will benefit your work, even if you don’t get a nice shiny certificate for it. Soft skills and languages can often greatly improve your performance, depending on your line of work. People skills, giving a presentation and knowing your math, will most likely aid you in just about any career.  Also, keep in mind, that these days, more and more often you can get a decent job without a diploma. In some lines of work, a classic schooling might even hold you back, if it is one that changes so much that information becomes outdated very quickly.
Your work can still benefit, even if you don’t get a diploma for what you’ve learned.

Lastly, learning doesn’t just add information to the library that is your mind. It actually makes you smarter. Your brain is like a muscle, and it can be trained. The more you use it, the more it grows. The more you learn, the easier it’ll become to learn more. Before you know it, you’ll be picking up new skills and knowledge left and right. You are able to actually make yourself a smarter person.

Obviously it’s nice to be validated in your academic endeavors, but there is so much more to learning than to be rewarded with a piece of paper.
In the end, you are nothing but a consciousness. And I think you owe it to yourself to expand that consciousness as much as you possibly can.

The possibilities really are endless. The question is, what do you want to learn? Do you want to learn math? Biology? Cooking or macrame? You can! A new language? Go for it! But learn something new, and know become a little bit more every day.


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A Blog to Write, a House to Sell

I wrote part of a blog today… and I deleted it just now. It was a whiny, complainy blog, and it wasn’t something I want to release into the world. We have enough of that.

Fact is, it has been 7 months since I last posted a blog, and it has been 5 months since we put our house up for sale. I expected it would have sold by now, but it hasn’t. It is very disappointing, but I’m going to have to find a way to deal with it, other than complaining.
I have a lot of things to write to you about, I just haven’t been able to push myself to writing. That’s what this blogpost if for. I just have to get myself started.

The post I wrote before, was about our house not selling. I was going on and on about it, and I’m glad I stopped myself. Many people are without a home, without food, without money, without family. I have all these things and more. While, yes, I am allowed to feel sad about our situation. I do have to put things into perspective. I am lucky to have a house to sell. A house I’m selling because it is too big for us. Wow, talk about first world problems!
I have been feeling sorry for myself for a very long time. I was feeling very lost and helpless. I am however, not lost at all. I know exactly where I am, and I know exactly where I’m going. And I am definitely not helpless. I am in charge of my life, not a victim.

I’m deciding, here and now, that I will find my motivation, rediscover my optimism and that I will make the best of things.
Life’s pretty good, and I intent to make the most of it.

Expect more blogposts, I really will do my very best to keep writing. Because I have a lot to share with you.


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Guest Blog: We’re Moving Up!

Bas here! I had some marvelous inspiration and decided to write up a quick guest blog.

Let me tell you something about my childhood. We lived in a one family home when I was born, and we moved to a new house in a new neighborhood when I was 7 years old. After that, my dad bought us some land and build a big bungalow-like house for us to live in. We lived there until my parents got divorced and my dad sold it 2 years later. It really was too big for him and he decided to move to an older house near the city center.

As of late Cyndi and myself have been reconsidering our living situation. We live in the house I bought just before me and Cyndi got together and we moved in it together. We had big plans, the house is old and we would renovate it and make it our own. However, it became evident that this house is not ours to own.

For some  reason I really think it’s strange to go against my upbringing but it makes a bunch of sense. I always thought I would go and live in a bigger house every time I moved. But it’s the opposite and we’re in the market to buy an apartment instead of a house. The house is for sale in the meanwhile and we are looking for the right property and the right buyer for our home.


There are enough places that have buildings, we need more ecological solutions

There are more and more people and we take up more space. There is only one solution for this, building up. We’ve been doing this for a long time but there is a cultural thing going on in the western civilizations, appreciating beautiful big houses, which need 2 people working and money to pay for a house keeper. The problem is that living in cheaper apartments isn’t so much of a status symbol like the houses are. But you shouldn’t care what other people think of you anyways.

So why not move up and take your bike to the nearest forest in the weekend? There is more space for you there anyway. Most likely, you’ll go out with your family spending quality time on the weekends and on holidays and you do not need a big house for that anyway.

We don’t want to spend our money on our property

I have an old house needing maintenance in all kinds of ways I don’t want to or have time to spend my time on. I want to be good at what I do for a living and I want time for myself instead of painting, fixing roofs or other stuff around the house.

Apartments need paint as well, but only on the inside. The outside will be done by the people maintaining the entire property and we’ll pay our dues to make sure that’s done money wise with a monthly fee. I will have some spare time to make Greenblogging a faster website by optimizing stuff and do other things I like.

We don’t like cleaning

Cyndi could take care of a large house on her own but it’s not worth her time. We need a living room, 2 bedrooms and and office / spare room for my son and company. A place to wash up and cook would also be nice but then we have everything we desire.

Rent land you might not need

Cyndi can spend her time on raising our daughter and doing interesting stuff like writing blog posts for you or do some gardening in the garden we’re going to rent on a big gardening property in our new home town. In the Netherlands, we have a lot of pieces of land rented to an association by the government, which then rents pieces of this to private people for gardening. The beauty of that is that we’ll give it back to the organisation maintaining the property if we ever do not want to use it anymore so someone else can use it.

Well there you have it. We try to put us in everything we do, and we realized that should include our living situation. Apartments are cheaper too, so we’ll have some more money to, hopefully, go on holidays.

Well that’s it. Tweet me @BasLangenberg if you want to give some feedback or leave a comment below.



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